T-Master Touch


Telemar’s T-Master Touch technology provides an extraordinary experience in managing navigation, monitoring, and vessel propulsion through redundant and versatile multifunction workstations.
Each individual workstation, known as a POD console, is totally customizable to fully meet the customer's needs and can be configured with either one or two vertical monitors.

Additionally, on the horizontal plane, it features an interactive touchscreen user interface that delivers a comprehensive user experience, guiding the crew through navigation content using the latest technology available on the market.
A separate physical section is provided where the primary actuators for controlling the vessel's propulsion and rudders are grouped together.

To seamlessly integrate the design with the dashboard environment, each actuator has been completely redesigned and reengineered internally to allow for extreme customization down to the smallest detail.
The user becomes the main protagonist on the bridge and is immediately engaged in an extraordinary experience where content can be selected and projected onto display devices, both on the console itself and outside of it (via the innovative overhead glass band).
The management of various vessel subsystems is designed to be consolidated on a single intuitive and user-friendly graphical page, with the aim of maintaining maximum safety at sea.

The technology used in T-Master Touch ensures that vessel displays are always up to date and users can interact with an increasing number of systems offered on the market by various manufacturers, with no limitations on upgrades when needed.

Furthermore, the modular system architecture of T-Master Touch allows for limitless flexibility in on-board use, minimizing the financial impact in case of future upgrades to the existing system. Another advantage of the Touch Bridge solution is its ability to fully replace technologies already present on older vessels, providing the perfect solution when the customer wishes to refresh the appearance of their control panel.